Sleeping is the least difficult part of waking.

Acting is making love.



All of your dreams are huge, but that doesn't mean they are not attainable.  -Art
Going back is not necessarily going backwards.  -art
What made me cry last night made me smile this morning.  Se vea mejor con luz.  -Art(e)
Art is a poet. 
How bad will you let it get before you go for it?  -art
I want to use my body, not my mind.  --Art
When I don't know, I still give it a title.  -art
En Madrid siempre me encuentro esperando.  --arte
all writers write alone

Trying to decide which one I would chuck first, alarm clocks or money?  (art)


With you here, there would be water and yellow light.  --Art


This could be the worst idea ever, or my best one yet.  --art


There's always room in my house, even if my house is a room.  --art



Kinda wanna', definitely need to, so yeah, shower.  --art

Madrid Gig (numero uno)

This is why I need to send my demo out every day.

Do it when you think of it.

Y no los ví más.

My friends and I learn together.

When my friend said "Se terminó el mundo, ¿ahora dónde vamos?" I looked up and saw what she saw.

¿Dónde estamos?  (Qué bien.)

Necesito papel.

Because it's hers.

Write in front of them, don't waste light.

No la voy a cerrar, está Fernando.

It's the best Thanksgiving since I can't remember when.


Artists can get pretty dirty sometimes trying to get it all out.  I will not let this knot in my hair distract me!  --ART


Saturday Night (2)

How many times did that kid fall off his skateboard and get back on.  He even grabbed his balls once, but he's still riding.

Surprise me.

Is this not a women's restroom?

I feel like Tom Cruise is in this.

I've got my hood on and I'm not talking about my gangster style.

People want to dance, man.

Where are we?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you laughed.

Yes, I just said cahoots.

That's why I don't call you George.

Being born in the 70's means you missed all the cool stuff about the 70's.

He's on his way to Vegas.

The 80's opened doors, man.

We destroyed the cork but we have the wine.

Can we do that in Ibiza?  Cause that's what I want to do in Ibiza.

I fell where I'm gonna work.  But it's cool cause they should see that I always get up again.

Electronic music is the root of all roots; it's Classical music.

Barefoot in the elevator.

This is why I call you Jorge.



The more I walk at an angle, the better I feel.  --art


There are no words for the Alhambra.  Not any indecent ones anyways.  It's a fucking masterpiece.  --art


I'm going to sleep before sending this.  See how it looks with some light on it.  --art
I'm thinking... billboard.  --art
This is a good lesson in vocabulary.  --art
I set the price.  --art
Nothing is certain in this dream except for love.  --art


What feels better, fear or hope?  Why not choose that then?  --art

Saturday Night

And more Beethoven.

Esto es el lindo del río.  5 pesos es suficiente.

I'm a big-city woman now, but I'm still a country girl.

The machine lasts longer but you're using more energy.

No vendes lo que usas, solo usalo.

Ahhh... ¡Qué importante the two arrows!

And English speakers.

There's nothing wrong with understanding. 

I'll live anywhere, as long as the people are cool.



I need another vegetarian in my circle.  --art


I'm pretty sure I did something really Latina last night.  --art
When I walked through the center of Madrid with my snowboard at two o'clock this morning, on her trains and in her streets, I wasn't preoccupied with someone robbing me; I was hoping people would finally celebrate that it's winter.  --art


I listened to a crazy man vent on the train, then got sat on then asked out by a bilingual drunk man, then discovered that the club by my house is most likely being run by the Russian mafia.  It was a good commute home tonight.  'night.  --Art


Artists [will] live off nothing for a reason.  --art


That's the thing, you can't go back, even if you go back.  No hay vuelta.  --art(e)
My first order of business would be a complete recall on all arms and shrub shears.  --art


As long as it's true it doesn't matter what you say.  --love


How can we just be meeting when we wore the same shirt 20 years ago?


It wasn't a man and it wasn't Madrid.  It was music.  And it was Madrid.
It's better to know before you start singing.  --art


Might as well, what are you going to do in the meantime?  --art


It's a slow road, and the only one I'll be taking.


Nothing like being on a bus as it's running a red light.
I would equate my time living abroad to alien abduction. 


You have to stop collecting corks sometime.


Tenía más errores pero tocaba mejor.  --arte


Writers don't mind a Saturday night in.  --art


Ironically, what always makes days like this better, is singing.  --art


Certainty then a crumbling doesn't necessarily mean you were wrong.  I'm waiting for the morning light to illuminate more than just my kitchen. 


How I'd wake from it isn't worth the dream.


There are two possibilities as to why they didn't tell me I had oregano on my chin.  I'm hoping it's the latter.


Not too great for the voice, but not so bad on the writing.



But what's a lesson, if you lose the person?


When my heart hurt my feet didn't anymore, because I was dancing.


...and that was the end of sleeping for me.


I thought I would lose her, but not only have a hundred years passed since I saw her last, she hasn't changed a bit.  My sadness has been my missing her thinking her there all along.


What I know so far is that the opposite of fear is love, and that discovering this may not be worth its cost; I wonder if bliss should not just be left well enough alone, ignorance and all.