Saturday Night (2)

How many times did that kid fall off his skateboard and get back on.  He even grabbed his balls once, but he's still riding.

Surprise me.

Is this not a women's restroom?

I feel like Tom Cruise is in this.

I've got my hood on and I'm not talking about my gangster style.

People want to dance, man.

Where are we?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you laughed.

Yes, I just said cahoots.

That's why I don't call you George.

Being born in the 70's means you missed all the cool stuff about the 70's.

He's on his way to Vegas.

The 80's opened doors, man.

We destroyed the cork but we have the wine.

Can we do that in Ibiza?  Cause that's what I want to do in Ibiza.

I fell where I'm gonna work.  But it's cool cause they should see that I always get up again.

Electronic music is the root of all roots; it's Classical music.

Barefoot in the elevator.

This is why I call you Jorge.