Sleeping is the least difficult part of waking.

Acting is making love.



All of your dreams are huge, but that doesn't mean they are not attainable.  -Art
Going back is not necessarily going backwards.  -art
What made me cry last night made me smile this morning.  Se vea mejor con luz.  -Art(e)
Art is a poet. 
How bad will you let it get before you go for it?  -art
I want to use my body, not my mind.  --Art
When I don't know, I still give it a title.  -art
En Madrid siempre me encuentro esperando.  --arte
all writers write alone

Trying to decide which one I would chuck first, alarm clocks or money?  (art)


With you here, there would be water and yellow light.  --Art


This could be the worst idea ever, or my best one yet.  --art


There's always room in my house, even if my house is a room.  --art