I am missing Madrid right now. Mmm (closes eyes). Madrid. God I loved living there. Loved it because I hated it so much. It pushed me so far (to the edge). And I survived. How could you not love a place like that? A place that you suffer so much you stop enjoying it; start living as a hobby to keep from blowing your brains out. One day, is better than none. Take your Saturday and don’t numb yourself(!), do what scares you! Shake yourself up a bit; Get those snow globe flakes to fly! Look yourself in the mirror and say “I’m going to be honest today.” And do it! (Just make sure you do it happily!) Go to the top of the mountain and really scream! Until the relief is REAL! Until you, are real. Then breathe in and out for the first time since you were probably a kid. Then thank the sky that you're still alive!
Then, most importantly,
       laugh about


              of it

                        <3 --Arte  

P.S. I miss you, Madrid. I really do. See you hopefully next summer!