DO NOT(!):
-Unplug (see The Walk (short)(I can touch it from here, and only from here. Connected. Plugged in. With music streaming live. Electricity. Phone charged. Internet up. My father on the other end, knowing. Yes. I can touch it from here. I can touch you. I’m not afraid of you; from here I am not afraid of you ever again. As I prepare to go home for the 3(rd) time in one year, this time to stay, I know I couldn’t do it any other way. I couldn’t write it. Couldn’t speak it. And I must, to survive; To keep my blood blue. ...the movement of little women. We are strong, but we are a fragile package making its way north, where poetry still adorns the lips of love. I can write from here; yes, amongst crystals and electric people; but of life (y punto)


Closing the door now (Thank you, Stephen! [On Writing]). Up next: A Grammy Sermon, --Arte