1409 the highlighter saved my life. No black w/o sun kids! Off to the POOL¡
My poetry saved my life. No one came to the hospital. At least not my family. They still don't even know¡ Reverse culture shock feels like suicide! if you're going to use another language, SPELL IT OUT! and use whatever colors you need 2 , 2 get here. Balance in EVERYTHING?!@#$%^&*()_+ is not explicit LEARN (¡¡¡READ!!!)                                                                                                 respect for life! you have a voice here but you MUST use a color with that black and if you see red...switch to yellow to get to green and go to the pool because you need water. ¡¡¡HIDRATE!!! The only way to get to green is through color!!! If you MUST use black, where it w/yellow and red. Wave your flags freaks, 'cause we're going live and we're in COLOR. y punto...this is not black ink I am using, it's indigo for a reason...breathe UNDER WATER AND YOU RETURN TO EARTH. WAKE UP KIDS! YOU'RE ALIVE!!! AND I'M CELEBRATING THAT WITH YOU TODAY! LET'S GO TO THE POOL!!! !!! !!! IF YOU ARE AFRAID, COUNT TO 10 THEN JUMP IN THE WATER. NEVER BE AFRAID TO JUMP

                                                                        THE SECOND YOU ARE AFRAID JUMP IN THE ¡WATER! OR -1one minute late and you're drowningy punto.don't forget the flippers. It took the color white to get me into my cup of coffee this morning. --Alicia 

 art(e) underconstruction:seegreatawake.blogspot.comstaytunedformusicupdateshereyoucanread#3X9FOOD! you are what you eat, you are what you listen to, you are everything that you do. LISTEN TO THE LYRICS KIDS AND CALL ME IF YOU EVER NEED ANYTHING! YOU HAVE MY # PEACE OUT!!WHITE IS THE ONLY WAY OUT listen to your ghosts and dont be afraid of them. you are your own ghost. your reflection is your ghost. stop looking in the mirror and start looking into your heartsif i had enough energy in me to pray for you all evening you have enough to ALWAYS listen to the lyrics.